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TRAVEL: Home For Good (Or At Least The Next Little While) **With Partial Photo Assistance From Instagram**

It's been a long, busy summer, 

and now I've returned to my natural habitat for the start of my official last year of high school.

AS A SORT OF PRELUDE TO A LONG BABBLE-SESH ON MY SECOND AND FINAL TRIP OF THE SUMMER.. I began my new job working in the box office. I absolutely adore it! My colleagues welcomed me with a wonderfully organized folder which included everything I would need to know about the job, along with a full tour of the facility (even though I go to school there anyway). The work itself is relatively easy. It's certainly my kind of work, i.e working directly with people and organizations, setting up events, helping out with those events, etc. It's great, because between those events and bookings, I get a lot of down time that can be put to use by getting my homework done so I can stay on track! I also love the fact I can wear my own clothes to work. That is a HUGE plus.

This is basically a collection of jumbled memories. I could get them chronologically incorrect, but who's really paying attention, right?

After stepping off the stuffy plane, and onto what used to be my homeland, I knew the trip was going to be a good one. I sent notification to my best pal, Emily, to come retrieve her exhausted and incredibly famished pal, and set off to get my bag off the lousy luggage carousel.

The drive back to the Brown residence was one full of giggles and gossip. Paul (Em's father) was just there for the ride. 

This trip was a smidge different than the usual basement stay. I actually got my own room upstairs, due to the fact Hillary, Emily's sister, moved to the basement, and left her room vacant for guests to come and go.

I've always loved their house. It's a beautiful, newly stone covered, tall ceilinged, lakeside manor, fit (I think) for the elite.

I was pretty tired after a long day of sailing through the clouds, so we just watched a few episodes of Skins and called it a night.

The first morning, we were up and at her for a day of boutique shopping down Spring Garden Road. I couldn't explain the feeling in my heart as I walked down the busy street, shopping bag in hand. There's just something about that lively street that gets me. Every. Time. 

A snapshot inside "Dress In Time", a vintage wonderland just off Spring Garden.

On each corner, there were crazy people giving out free hummus.

I don't like hummus.

But I took it anyway, because it was free.

The first store we walked into was All Dressed up, which is a chain around Halifax (I believe) that sells more dressy clothes, and dresses fit for proms and bigger events. We just kind of browsed, searching for something that would catch our eyes for prom, but found nothing. The latest trend, for prom wear is certainly bejeweling EVERYTHING. I'm not so sure if I like it all that much. I find there's one silhouette all the young girls are drawn to. I even noticed in ninth grade when grad dresses were being chosen. It's the strapless sweetheart neckline, with the mellow flowy bottom, and glittery madness around the tit area. You see this in every colour, every year. I mean, it's a flattering for any body shape, you can't get me there, but I wish some people would just jump out of the box a little more, y'know? There are so many beautiful dresses that don't follow that pattern that I know would look killer on these gals.

But, I digress. 

After finding nothing in All Dressed Up, we walked across to Better Than Her Boutique. I'm not sure if I've mentioned anything about it yet, but it's this tiny little boutique on the second floor of the Spring Garden Place mall, run by a fun and quirky girl named Courtney, that has taken the social media world around Halifax by storm! She's all over the net giving updates and previews, talking to her young clients, and really killing the whole self-advertisement thing. I think she's someone to really look up to for girls like me who would one day like to have a small boutique like hers. The entire aesthetic of her store is pleasing in a way that's simple, but edgy. I loved everything about her store. I did end up purchasing a little crop blazer, which fit perfectly with the cinching around the waist of my full black jumpsuit I got at Topshop in Vegas.

After wandering around a few more boutiques, and not buying anything noteworthy, we headed to do a few more errands, ate at a pub called Your Father's Mustache, and b-lined it for home. 

The next day we were in the Halifax pride parade, which was both a fun and eye-opening experience. 

Although Emily and I are not of homosexual orientation, we thought it would be fun to actually walk in the parade with the organization The Youth Project, which was basically just a float for the people who make use of the organization, who take part in helping it, and any members of GSA groups across Nova Scotia. Both of us are not a part of either of those things, I don't even live there! But we went regardless, with Aiden and Paige (who is actually a long lost cousin of mine). We walked around, got some Starbucks, and arrived at The Youth Project house on the other side of the downtown area. 

We were all given these sweet bracelets.

When I walked in, it was kind of an incredible sight. 

All of these young people, dressed in rainbows, and what I learned was the transgender colors (just white, blue and pink) all ready for a day of self-celebration. Some decorated in paints, some in scars, many both. At that point it really hit me as to how important this event actually is to a lot of people. Just one small period of time where they can freely and fully express, themselves in public, for hundreds of thousands of eyes to see, and actually feel comfortable about it because of the blanket of support, all ages and orientations, that surrounds them. I don't know. It was just a heartwarming day to see what a little effort from a lot of people does for individuals who have really been close to giving up all because of one characteristic they possess.

That day also made me want to take a pole dancing class. 

Do you know how much strength is required to hold yourself up on a pole? WOW.

After a long day of dancing in the street, we made our way to Boston Pizza for a bite to eat, and headed home on the shady 80 (bus to sackville) and were pleased to see Willie Stratton on the bus with us! I was kind of starstruck, but Em just thought he was a total hottie, which is completely correct. 

The following day was spent with my two great friends Cailyn and Noah. We went (yet again) to Boston Pizza to enjoy some thai bites, and then spent the day babysitting two precious little boys with Em. I honestly had forgotten how much I enjoy their company. The pair of them are just so chill, but quirky in their own ways. I probably couldn't count the laugh attacks that were had that day, and I'm awfully glad I got to spend that time with them.

Some night in between all of that, I got to spend a nice East Side Mario's dinner with a group of friends who hadn't all been together in years, and that would be Alicia, Emily, Savannah, Tiffany and myself. It was awesome to catch up on everything that's happened since we'd been together last over fettucini alfredo and unlimited garlic bread. We later went to a party in Beaverbank, which was a perfect opportunity to talk to a few acquaintances and get to see my old pals from dance I hadn't talked to in a while. It was nice to walk in and not feel like a total outsider, even though I haven't seen any of them in years.

The following days were basically just filled with lazing around, eating a lot, and watching Skins.

Then we were off to Cape Breton to stay with my grandparents for a week. 

Emily sobbing over the deep-fried cheesecake Chubby's Lunch in St. Peters had to offer.

Whilst being there, we celebrated their 50th anniversary, which is actually in October, but thanks to my wonderful family, they switched the celebration to a date during our stay so we would be there for it. So thoughtful!

The week was packed with lots of laughter, baking and hugs/kisses given and received.

I'd say towards the end of the week, we attended the Wintersleep/Alvvays portion of a small music festival in Port Hawkesbury. Both bands were flawless. The whole atmosphere was comforting and relaxing. No mosh pits. No disrespectful, loud hooligans. Just a bunch of families, teens, and elderly people gathered in a field in their lawn chairs and on their blankets, ready for some good tunes.

The view from the porta-potties.

We also spent a lot of time on the beach at my Aunt and Uncle's house on the Bras D'or Lake. I even got to drive the Seadoo! So much fun.

After the week flew by, we drove back home to Sackville.

I then got to see a long lost friend, who never ceases to amaze me with her infectious smile, and constant sing alongs. Megan and I got to catch up while waiting for Emily to finish her bath, and then we all went out to enjoy some chinese food at my all-time favorite restaurant, Yan's. I seriously vacuumed both my bowl of wonton soup and soo-guy/rice/eggroll combo. I seriously hadn't eaten good chinese food in what seemed to be AGES, so I had to take advantage.

Still craving the food/wanting Meg's hair/mega retro dress she purchased from Topshop.

That night was spent at another long lost friend, Niki's house. Another group I hadn't been with in forever that felt so nice to be together again. It's kind of funny how a group of friends like us; all going to different schools, living in different places, doing different things, can still get together and have fun like we've always been close! I love hanging around with Niki, Erin and Emily. Our personalities mesh so well, and we always find some way to have a fun, but incredibly weird, night.

Many nerd ropes, flying saucers, and mixed drinks later, we found ourselves having an early to bed night, only to wake up and have the infamous Cora's breakfast. Another thing I appreciated. Mmmmm, I can taste the April 89 now.

The rest of my trip was spent at Emily's parents' friend's cottage an hour or two away, and what a beautiful place it was! We ate delicious food, watched scary movies, spent endless hours chit-chatting and to finish it all off, walked along the beach that beautifully bordered the ocean. Although I didn't attend equipped with a bathing suit (stupid me), I just walked around in the water in my Victoria's Secret Pink sweats. The water was just THAT nice, I couldn't resist!

The drive home felt unusually longer than driving home usually feels. Maybe it was the fact that I was leaving early the next morning that was sinking in, the exhaustion felt from all the running around, or it could have been the gem of the ipod I had received, after being MIA for two years, packed with all the music I ever-so-conveniently hoarded in middle school.

All in all, this trip to Nova Scotia was splendid, and although I didn't get a few things that I wanted to get done, time is on my side, and there will be plenty more visits to come.

Here's an 8tracks playlist to go with all of this babbling on! Click here to listen.

I hope I didn't bore any of you.
Take care & stay cool,

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