Monday, 3 June 2013

FOR YOUR EARS: Songs I Had On Repeat (This Past Weekend)

Saturday: The rediscovery of Com Ocean
On a morning run through the woods with one of my closest gal pals, misty air lingering, bugs creeping, ipod on shuffle with the speakers fully blasting, we made the rediscovery of our old summer jam "Com Ocean" by Outlands. This song has perfect eighties-esque vocals and a flowing beat, mixed with the ability to make you feel funky as hell. Which, in my opinion, makes for a song that could be on repeat for months at a time (as you can see). Alongside those things, it brings back those youthful summer stories I'll continue to tell until my grandkids have grandkids. 
 Sunday: Post-workout chill sessions ft. Andrew Bird
I have always, and will always be in love with Andrew Bird and the masterpieces he calls his songs. Not only are they beautifully composed and well written, but another level of appreciation is added when you are able to see (on youtube or even in concert) how he does it all himself! I mean, he does have some assistance, but I don't know. Everything he's about just strikes me as incredible! In regards to this song, it just fills me with a feeling I can't quite put into words.
And that's that!
You all should totally go out and give these a listen to! 

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