Saturday, 31 August 2013

OOTD/Ns: Weekend Threads ft. Urban Outfitters

So, I had made an order for back to school off of Urban Outfitters a few weeks back in hopes that I would be able to wear the things I purchased to the first days of school..

But as it turns out, the box arrived in the mail just in time for me to slip on one of the dresses and head out the door last night (friday after school started)! Which brings me to the first outfit: 

                                                                                         1. Last Nite

^^If I would have had a little more time to actually think about what I looked like last night, ^^
I probably would have went like this. (Instead I slipped a chambray shirt over top of the dress and paired it with an old pair of moccasins) 

Dress: Reverse, Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked palette in shades Virgin and Smog, L'Oreal Infallible eye liner in Black Noir, and Benefit's Bad Gal mascara
Lips: Some red shade by Rimmel that I've had for the past 3 years
Face: Imperialis moisturizer from Lush 

2. Saturday Morning

Denim skirts are a must-have for me. I just love how it gives you an option other than jeans when going for more a more casual look. Luckily with this one I ordered it in the (almost) correct size, so I'm not completely floating in it like the one I bought on American Apparel online last year. OOOOPS!

Top: Romwe (It's my favorite!!)
Skirt: Neon Blonde, Urban Outfitters
Boots: Doc Martens 1460, Urban Outfitters (last year)

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked palette in shades Virgin and Smog, L'Oreal Infallible eye liner in Black Noir, and Benefit's Bad Gal mascara
Lips: Covergirl lipstick in shade 335 "Embrace"
Face: Imperialis moisturizer from Lush 

                                                                                     3. Sunday Sundae 

I wasn't expecting to enjoy this dress as much as I do! It's perfect for frolicking around and twirling, which comes in handy when you're someone like me who dances everywhere they go. As a side note: I'm almost 18, but I AM bringing pigtails back. Heh heh heh

Dress: Band of Gypsies, Urban Outfitters
Blazer: Thrifted
Sandals: Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked palette in shades Virgin and Smog, L'Oreal Infallible eye liner in Black Noir, and Benefit's Bad Gal mascara
Lips: The same red shade as before
Face: Imperialis moisturizer from Lush

I hope everyone has one kick ass weekend!
Keep it cool,

Friday, 23 August 2013

HOW I STYLE: Band Tees

The many band t-shirts I've collected over the years have got to be some of my favorite items to incorporate into my everyday outfits. Here are a few ways I've chosen to style the ones I most frequently wear. 

I'll link my favorite songs from each down below!

1. "A Night Out With A Tribe Called Quest"

 Top: Midnight Marauders, Gap
Skirt: Material Girl, The Bay
Headband: DIY, inspired by Rookie

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked palette in shades Virgin, Smog, and Creep, L'Oreal Infallible eye liner in Black Noir, and Benefit's Bad Gal mascara
Lips: Revlon's Raspberry Bite
Face: Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl, and mineral powder foundation from The Body Shop

2. "Sunday With City And Colour"

 Top: A gift from a friend :)
Skirt: Forever 21
Hat: Thrifted

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked palette in shades Virgin, Smog, and Creep, L'Oreal Infallible eye liner in Black Noir, and Benefit's Bad Gal mascara
Lips: Rimmel's Coral Queen
Face: Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl, and mineral powder foundation from The Body Shop

3. Butt-kickin' With The Pixies

 Top: Urban Outfitters
Pants: American Apparel Disco Pants

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked palette in shades Virgin, Smog, and Creep, L'Oreal Infallible eye liner in Black Noir, and Benefit's Bad Gal mascara
Lips: Covergirl lipstick in shade 335 "Embrace"
Face: Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl, and mineral powder foundation from The Body Shop

Links (Click to explore!!):

A Tribe Called Quest:

City And Colour:
In The Water I Am Beautiful

The Pixies:
Where Is My Mind?
Later days,

Thursday, 22 August 2013

LIFESTYLE: My Most Favorite Comfort Food Of All Time

Hey guys! Here's a tutorial on how to make one of my absolute favorite (and incredibly easy to make) go-to comfort foods of all time. Dessert. Pizza. Mmmmmm!

In no way is this profesh. So please pardon my lack of eloquent baking terms. 

As far as ingredients/supplies go, here's what you'll need:

  • A large pan
  • Some parchment paper to cover that pan
  • A block (or two) of cream cheese, depending on how much you prefer 
  • A Pilsbury crescent roll tube
  • Whichever toppings you'd like to put on your  pizza (I usually use a can of mandarin oranges and some strawberries, but they didn't have any good looking strawberries at the grocery store)
  • A wooden spoon
  • A large bowl

You'll also need: 

  • 1/2 cup of Sugar
  • A rubber spatula 


First, you're going to want to take your cream cheese out of the packaging and flop it into that bowl you've taken out. I always do this first because cream cheese is incredibly hard to soften, so it's good to get a head start on that. 

As that starts to warm up and become more easy to work with, you're going to want to pre-heat the oven to what the directions say on the crescent roll package. In this case, and probably all others regarding this product, I pre-heated the oven on bake to 375. 

Now is the time to begin breaking up those blocks of cream cheese, and sweetening 'em up with the sugar. Use the wooden spoon to make those blocks into a bowl of smooth, (and more importantly) spreadable heaven, adding the sugar in slowly throughout the process. 

^^When finished, it should look like this. ^^

When you've finished with the cream cheese, you can then break open the tube of dough, and place it on the pan. Working towards creating one big rectangular pizza lookin' thing with all of the slices already "pre-cut". 

After you've gotten it all sorted out, you can pop that sucker in the oven for 10-12 minutes. I chose 11
because it was right in the middle. 

Once the timer goes off, it's time to take it out!
Let the naked pastry sit for about 20-25 minutes to cool before you dress it all up.

After it has been completely cooled down, you can take that cream cheese/sugar mixture with the rubber spatula, place dollops evenly across the whole surface of the pastry, and spread those puppies out with a simple butter knife.

Once you've spread the desired amount of the cream cheese spread around, you are now free to decorate it however you please with whatever you please. 

Then, bon appetit! It is now your time to wolf the whole thing down while watching 13 Going On 30 on a Saturday night with yourself. 

You're so welcome. 

LOL, I hope some of you try this recipe out and enjoy it!
Eat your hearts out,

FOR YOUR EARS: An End-Of-The-Summer Mix

"Sea You Soon"

A mix of songs I curated to accompany the feelings of the last-week-of-summer-blues. 

Click HERE to enjoy it on 8tracks!!

Later days, 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

OOTD: Twelfth Grade Registration, Yo!

This would be what I looked like prior to leaving the house to go register myself for my final year of high school. 

Top- American Apparel Crop Turtleneck 
Bottoms- Forever 21 Skater Skirt 
Whatever else - Black Opaque Thigh Highs (I have no idea where I picked these up). Marc by Marc eyeglasses. And although you can't see them, I finished this outfit off with a chunky gold chain from Claire's and just plain white platform sneaks (BDG, 10$ at Urban) 

Eyes- Urban Decay Primer Potion, Naked Palette Colors Virgin, Smog, Naked and Darkhorse, and Benefit's Bad Gal Lash
Lips- Rosebud Salve from Sephora 
Face- Revlon's Photo Ready Makeup in Natural Beige

Hope everyone is ready for going back to school! I sure am (not)..
Hahaha, enjoy yourselves!


Friday, 16 August 2013

FAVORITES: August '13

School is just around the corner,

so I figured I'd get this done before my free time becomes scarce.

^^Here's a collage of all of this things I've been killin' this month so far^^

Fashion / Beauty:
For my beauty pick of the month, I really didn't have to think twice about including my Wen cleansing conditioner. I purchased this stuff while visiting Chaz Dean Studio during my roady to California. The receptionist recommended I get the Lavender one after taking a look at my gnarly-ass frizz-fest of a head of hair. I think the bleaching that was required to get my hair pink did quite a number on the health of my hair. But after even just one wash, I noticed a difference in how knotty my hair gets, and of course the feel of it as well. I can certainly say I recommend this product to anyone who's looking for a new haircare routine to replace an old and somewhat useless one. 

For the fashion portion, I have chosen two of my (always) favorite online sources for style ideas and news, I guess you could say. 

Numero uno would be the blog The Man Repeller. This is Leandra Medine's fashion blog. It's the best combination of humor and useful information. I often read this on my phone during long drives, or when I wake up in the morning and don't feel like getting out of bed for a few more hours. So basically every morning.

For the second, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me well. CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS' JENN IM. I've been following Clothes Encounters on YouTube since it was still the dynamic duo. Although many complain about how they want the old channel back, I think Jenn has turned it into an incredible place for ladies to turn to for quick, and to the point fashion tips and ideas, presented in a fresh and well-spoken way. No matter how many years have gone by, I still find myself getting excited whenever I see a new video has been posted. Again, I'll provide a link to the channel down at the bottom and you can get right to exploring!

Music / TV:
SO, FINALLY Washed Out's new album 'Paracosm' has been released, and I couldn't be more content with how it turned out. I've always been a massive fan of Ernest Greene's creations, and this album just blew me away. I really love how he added in things like the bongos, and children's laughter. The sound that this album takes on is a little less futuristic and a little more nostalgic, but all together I think it was a genius choice to have made on his part. I seriously haven't stopped listening to it since I bought it off of iTunes. Seriously, give it a listen. You will not regret it.

I've also been really loving the toronto-based band Alvvays, who opened for the Wintersleep show I attended in Nova Scotia a few weeks back. Their sound is a sort of spacey, jumbled, nostalgic feel like Washed Out's, but the two are a lot different. The lead vocals are so innocent sounding, so the contrast between the sound of the instruments and the vocals actually mesh really well together as far as my musical taste goes. I guess they're kind of like a pop-ish mix between Best Coast, Beach House and Metric. They only have four songs on Soundcloud, but I just listen to them repeatedly. 

A series I really jumped right into was Skins. The UK version of course. The craziness this show has to offer is a little incomprehensible at times, but in a good way. I finished all of the seasons on Netflix, but have yet to get to the other seasons that are unfortunately not on there. One thing, though, about the series that I had to get used to was the generation changes. It's kind of annoying when you get so used to one set of characters and the stories that go along with them, watch 8 or 9 episodes, and then have it completely switched out for a new group on you, leaving you only to wonder what happened to the others. After I got over that hill, watching it was a breeze. It's a great show for teenagers, I mean, if you don't mind the barely-there censorship. The storyline never fails to surprise me! I won't give away any details as to how the storyline goes, so you'll just have to watch it yourself! Very good series. 

Lastly, I watched the film Kick Ass on Netflix just two nights ago. I'm not usually drawn to super hero movies, but this one was stellar. I'd have to say my favorite character would be Hit-Girl, played by  a young Chloe Moretz (in the photo above). Basically, it's an action/comedy about a young outcast who takes it upon himself to become a neighbourhood super hero, helping out people in need. He then encounters two other (much more intense) super heros, the father and daughter duo, who later get into a lot more trouble then helping a lost cat off a billboard. I'd like to see the second movie, that just so happens to have come out in theatres yesterday.

Lately, I've been trying to get back into the swing of things with regard to my fitness routine and eating habits. Before I went on my second trip, I was good as gold, but all of the cooking and lazing around on my trip kind of put a wrench in that progress. So, like many people, I really couldn't imagine life without a good pair of sneakers. The ones I have are Reebok Ziglites in blue, black and green. I've been using these sneakers for a good 6 months after buying them last year and never putting them to use. I'm really happy with the fit, and how they feel as I'm running. There's a space under the heel of them, and I think it acts as a pressure reliever or something. I don't know anything about running shoes, but it seems to help! Highly recommended sneaker.

Along with the sneakers, I've been trying to get my eating habits back on track, i.e not eating so many unhealthy foods, stopping my snacking so frequently, and so on. Greek yogurt has been on everyone's radar lately, and I think Danone's Oikos makes a mean snack. It seems to fill me up just enough to get me to stop thinking about being hungry, not to mention it's a healthier alternative to say, a bag of chips or a chocolate bar. My favorite kind, as of late, would be the key lime flavored one. It tastes like more of a dessert than just a yogurt. 

To finish off this post, I just had to include David's Tea. I seriously thought this was just a trend/myth, but oh was I ever wrong! We just got a David's Tea in the mall downtown, so I took a swing by, and ended up falling in love. The tea itself is well worth the money you spend on all the accessories you have to buy to properly make it. Makayla got me the Pink Passionfruit tea from the limited summertime collection. I seem to be drawn to more fruity teas. But this one was phenomenal. A++.

And there you have it. This month's favorites. Try some of them out, and maybe get back to me on it!
Rock on, 

LINKS (click them to explore!!!):

TRAVEL: Home For Good (Or At Least The Next Little While) **With Partial Photo Assistance From Instagram**

It's been a long, busy summer, 

and now I've returned to my natural habitat for the start of my official last year of high school.

AS A SORT OF PRELUDE TO A LONG BABBLE-SESH ON MY SECOND AND FINAL TRIP OF THE SUMMER.. I began my new job working in the box office. I absolutely adore it! My colleagues welcomed me with a wonderfully organized folder which included everything I would need to know about the job, along with a full tour of the facility (even though I go to school there anyway). The work itself is relatively easy. It's certainly my kind of work, i.e working directly with people and organizations, setting up events, helping out with those events, etc. It's great, because between those events and bookings, I get a lot of down time that can be put to use by getting my homework done so I can stay on track! I also love the fact I can wear my own clothes to work. That is a HUGE plus.

This is basically a collection of jumbled memories. I could get them chronologically incorrect, but who's really paying attention, right?

After stepping off the stuffy plane, and onto what used to be my homeland, I knew the trip was going to be a good one. I sent notification to my best pal, Emily, to come retrieve her exhausted and incredibly famished pal, and set off to get my bag off the lousy luggage carousel.

The drive back to the Brown residence was one full of giggles and gossip. Paul (Em's father) was just there for the ride. 

This trip was a smidge different than the usual basement stay. I actually got my own room upstairs, due to the fact Hillary, Emily's sister, moved to the basement, and left her room vacant for guests to come and go.

I've always loved their house. It's a beautiful, newly stone covered, tall ceilinged, lakeside manor, fit (I think) for the elite.

I was pretty tired after a long day of sailing through the clouds, so we just watched a few episodes of Skins and called it a night.

The first morning, we were up and at her for a day of boutique shopping down Spring Garden Road. I couldn't explain the feeling in my heart as I walked down the busy street, shopping bag in hand. There's just something about that lively street that gets me. Every. Time. 

A snapshot inside "Dress In Time", a vintage wonderland just off Spring Garden.

On each corner, there were crazy people giving out free hummus.

I don't like hummus.

But I took it anyway, because it was free.

The first store we walked into was All Dressed up, which is a chain around Halifax (I believe) that sells more dressy clothes, and dresses fit for proms and bigger events. We just kind of browsed, searching for something that would catch our eyes for prom, but found nothing. The latest trend, for prom wear is certainly bejeweling EVERYTHING. I'm not so sure if I like it all that much. I find there's one silhouette all the young girls are drawn to. I even noticed in ninth grade when grad dresses were being chosen. It's the strapless sweetheart neckline, with the mellow flowy bottom, and glittery madness around the tit area. You see this in every colour, every year. I mean, it's a flattering for any body shape, you can't get me there, but I wish some people would just jump out of the box a little more, y'know? There are so many beautiful dresses that don't follow that pattern that I know would look killer on these gals.

But, I digress. 

After finding nothing in All Dressed Up, we walked across to Better Than Her Boutique. I'm not sure if I've mentioned anything about it yet, but it's this tiny little boutique on the second floor of the Spring Garden Place mall, run by a fun and quirky girl named Courtney, that has taken the social media world around Halifax by storm! She's all over the net giving updates and previews, talking to her young clients, and really killing the whole self-advertisement thing. I think she's someone to really look up to for girls like me who would one day like to have a small boutique like hers. The entire aesthetic of her store is pleasing in a way that's simple, but edgy. I loved everything about her store. I did end up purchasing a little crop blazer, which fit perfectly with the cinching around the waist of my full black jumpsuit I got at Topshop in Vegas.

After wandering around a few more boutiques, and not buying anything noteworthy, we headed to do a few more errands, ate at a pub called Your Father's Mustache, and b-lined it for home. 

The next day we were in the Halifax pride parade, which was both a fun and eye-opening experience. 

Although Emily and I are not of homosexual orientation, we thought it would be fun to actually walk in the parade with the organization The Youth Project, which was basically just a float for the people who make use of the organization, who take part in helping it, and any members of GSA groups across Nova Scotia. Both of us are not a part of either of those things, I don't even live there! But we went regardless, with Aiden and Paige (who is actually a long lost cousin of mine). We walked around, got some Starbucks, and arrived at The Youth Project house on the other side of the downtown area. 

We were all given these sweet bracelets.

When I walked in, it was kind of an incredible sight. 

All of these young people, dressed in rainbows, and what I learned was the transgender colors (just white, blue and pink) all ready for a day of self-celebration. Some decorated in paints, some in scars, many both. At that point it really hit me as to how important this event actually is to a lot of people. Just one small period of time where they can freely and fully express, themselves in public, for hundreds of thousands of eyes to see, and actually feel comfortable about it because of the blanket of support, all ages and orientations, that surrounds them. I don't know. It was just a heartwarming day to see what a little effort from a lot of people does for individuals who have really been close to giving up all because of one characteristic they possess.

That day also made me want to take a pole dancing class. 

Do you know how much strength is required to hold yourself up on a pole? WOW.

After a long day of dancing in the street, we made our way to Boston Pizza for a bite to eat, and headed home on the shady 80 (bus to sackville) and were pleased to see Willie Stratton on the bus with us! I was kind of starstruck, but Em just thought he was a total hottie, which is completely correct. 

The following day was spent with my two great friends Cailyn and Noah. We went (yet again) to Boston Pizza to enjoy some thai bites, and then spent the day babysitting two precious little boys with Em. I honestly had forgotten how much I enjoy their company. The pair of them are just so chill, but quirky in their own ways. I probably couldn't count the laugh attacks that were had that day, and I'm awfully glad I got to spend that time with them.

Some night in between all of that, I got to spend a nice East Side Mario's dinner with a group of friends who hadn't all been together in years, and that would be Alicia, Emily, Savannah, Tiffany and myself. It was awesome to catch up on everything that's happened since we'd been together last over fettucini alfredo and unlimited garlic bread. We later went to a party in Beaverbank, which was a perfect opportunity to talk to a few acquaintances and get to see my old pals from dance I hadn't talked to in a while. It was nice to walk in and not feel like a total outsider, even though I haven't seen any of them in years.

The following days were basically just filled with lazing around, eating a lot, and watching Skins.

Then we were off to Cape Breton to stay with my grandparents for a week. 

Emily sobbing over the deep-fried cheesecake Chubby's Lunch in St. Peters had to offer.

Whilst being there, we celebrated their 50th anniversary, which is actually in October, but thanks to my wonderful family, they switched the celebration to a date during our stay so we would be there for it. So thoughtful!

The week was packed with lots of laughter, baking and hugs/kisses given and received.

I'd say towards the end of the week, we attended the Wintersleep/Alvvays portion of a small music festival in Port Hawkesbury. Both bands were flawless. The whole atmosphere was comforting and relaxing. No mosh pits. No disrespectful, loud hooligans. Just a bunch of families, teens, and elderly people gathered in a field in their lawn chairs and on their blankets, ready for some good tunes.

The view from the porta-potties.

We also spent a lot of time on the beach at my Aunt and Uncle's house on the Bras D'or Lake. I even got to drive the Seadoo! So much fun.

After the week flew by, we drove back home to Sackville.

I then got to see a long lost friend, who never ceases to amaze me with her infectious smile, and constant sing alongs. Megan and I got to catch up while waiting for Emily to finish her bath, and then we all went out to enjoy some chinese food at my all-time favorite restaurant, Yan's. I seriously vacuumed both my bowl of wonton soup and soo-guy/rice/eggroll combo. I seriously hadn't eaten good chinese food in what seemed to be AGES, so I had to take advantage.

Still craving the food/wanting Meg's hair/mega retro dress she purchased from Topshop.

That night was spent at another long lost friend, Niki's house. Another group I hadn't been with in forever that felt so nice to be together again. It's kind of funny how a group of friends like us; all going to different schools, living in different places, doing different things, can still get together and have fun like we've always been close! I love hanging around with Niki, Erin and Emily. Our personalities mesh so well, and we always find some way to have a fun, but incredibly weird, night.

Many nerd ropes, flying saucers, and mixed drinks later, we found ourselves having an early to bed night, only to wake up and have the infamous Cora's breakfast. Another thing I appreciated. Mmmmm, I can taste the April 89 now.

The rest of my trip was spent at Emily's parents' friend's cottage an hour or two away, and what a beautiful place it was! We ate delicious food, watched scary movies, spent endless hours chit-chatting and to finish it all off, walked along the beach that beautifully bordered the ocean. Although I didn't attend equipped with a bathing suit (stupid me), I just walked around in the water in my Victoria's Secret Pink sweats. The water was just THAT nice, I couldn't resist!

The drive home felt unusually longer than driving home usually feels. Maybe it was the fact that I was leaving early the next morning that was sinking in, the exhaustion felt from all the running around, or it could have been the gem of the ipod I had received, after being MIA for two years, packed with all the music I ever-so-conveniently hoarded in middle school.

All in all, this trip to Nova Scotia was splendid, and although I didn't get a few things that I wanted to get done, time is on my side, and there will be plenty more visits to come.

Here's an 8tracks playlist to go with all of this babbling on! Click here to listen.

I hope I didn't bore any of you.
Take care & stay cool,