Thursday, 22 August 2013

LIFESTYLE: My Most Favorite Comfort Food Of All Time

Hey guys! Here's a tutorial on how to make one of my absolute favorite (and incredibly easy to make) go-to comfort foods of all time. Dessert. Pizza. Mmmmmm!

In no way is this profesh. So please pardon my lack of eloquent baking terms. 

As far as ingredients/supplies go, here's what you'll need:

  • A large pan
  • Some parchment paper to cover that pan
  • A block (or two) of cream cheese, depending on how much you prefer 
  • A Pilsbury crescent roll tube
  • Whichever toppings you'd like to put on your  pizza (I usually use a can of mandarin oranges and some strawberries, but they didn't have any good looking strawberries at the grocery store)
  • A wooden spoon
  • A large bowl

You'll also need: 

  • 1/2 cup of Sugar
  • A rubber spatula 


First, you're going to want to take your cream cheese out of the packaging and flop it into that bowl you've taken out. I always do this first because cream cheese is incredibly hard to soften, so it's good to get a head start on that. 

As that starts to warm up and become more easy to work with, you're going to want to pre-heat the oven to what the directions say on the crescent roll package. In this case, and probably all others regarding this product, I pre-heated the oven on bake to 375. 

Now is the time to begin breaking up those blocks of cream cheese, and sweetening 'em up with the sugar. Use the wooden spoon to make those blocks into a bowl of smooth, (and more importantly) spreadable heaven, adding the sugar in slowly throughout the process. 

^^When finished, it should look like this. ^^

When you've finished with the cream cheese, you can then break open the tube of dough, and place it on the pan. Working towards creating one big rectangular pizza lookin' thing with all of the slices already "pre-cut". 

After you've gotten it all sorted out, you can pop that sucker in the oven for 10-12 minutes. I chose 11
because it was right in the middle. 

Once the timer goes off, it's time to take it out!
Let the naked pastry sit for about 20-25 minutes to cool before you dress it all up.

After it has been completely cooled down, you can take that cream cheese/sugar mixture with the rubber spatula, place dollops evenly across the whole surface of the pastry, and spread those puppies out with a simple butter knife.

Once you've spread the desired amount of the cream cheese spread around, you are now free to decorate it however you please with whatever you please. 

Then, bon appetit! It is now your time to wolf the whole thing down while watching 13 Going On 30 on a Saturday night with yourself. 

You're so welcome. 

LOL, I hope some of you try this recipe out and enjoy it!
Eat your hearts out,


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