Tuesday, 4 June 2013


First week of June is here,

and these are the things I've really been diggin'!

First off, I've been reading reports and interviews about/with Sophia Amoruso (founder of the online store Nasty Gal) and the rise of the success of her store. It's incredibly inspiring, I feel, to know that just an eBay store can turn into an empire. The hard work she, and all her team, put into it is amazing, and completely evident in the quality and service Nasty Gal offers. It also makes me excited for my future of perhaps owning a (much smaller) store! As a side note, her haircut is SO fierce. I've made a bullet on my bucket list to make sure I book a hair appointment to get a sassy black bob on my 20th birthday. I suppose to celebrate not being a teenager anymore, and to bring some sophistication to my look! So much excitement, so little time!

Next on the board, we've got films I've been watching. Nothing new, but still as great as the first time I had turned them on. Ghost World is so beautiful in it's subtlety. It's a film I find a lot of teens could relate to in my opinion. Enid's blunt personality is something I always found amusing as well. I don't know, it's just a classic. The Truman Show is another classic. The entire concept of having your life be on show for the entire world to see, and never knowing it is mind blowing to me. Although I don't seem to know a lot of Jim Carrey fans, I'd say he's among my favorites! He adds a certain je ne sais quoi to his movies.

Then we have my two favorite Mac products: the fragrance "Turquatic" along with lipstick in the shade "Media". I use these products religiously for many reasons. Reason one being that the color of media is perfect for adding that vampy look to any outfit, which j'adore. Also, I feel as though Turquatic is the perfect fresh scent for spring/summer! It's light, not too overpowering, and if this makes any sense, smells exactly like the color turquoise would smell! I absolutely recommend them both. 

Not only is Sky Ferreira's music awesome, but the girl has some killer style to pair with it! Each of her songs has its own sound,  some being more on the electronic/dance side while others are very soulful and done acoustic. It's great to have that variety. Her style is so sweet as well! Definitely what I aspire to be when I grow older and mature even further. She's just an all around cool gal. Songs of hers I would check out would be Ghost and Lost In My Bedroom.

Lastly, I've been thinking a lot (as I always do) about where I'd like to go after graduation. I'm completely sure it's going to be a coastal city. I'm just unsure as to which side of Canada it'll be. I call Halifax home, and I love it there so much, but when I travelled to Vancouver last October, I found it such a rad place to live. There's so much culture and so many events and opportunities. So it got me thinking. Might it be beneficial if I were to go to Vancouver before I went back home to bring something new to Halifax? Ahhhh, decisions decisions. 

That's all for my moodboard this week. Now go out and try something new!


Chiffon Cloud said...

I must check out that Nasty Gal interview! Thora Birch, Scarlet Johanson, and Steve Buscemi are some of my favorite actors. I need a raptor shirt so bad. Have you seen Sky Ferreira's photos on terrysdiary.com? She is so stylish and creative. You have cool taste. :)

Lan said...

great post! great post! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!