Monday, 30 December 2013

What To Wear For NYE: Inspired By The Gals Of SATC

If you're following me on any type of social media, you'll have noticed I've recently gotten into the Sex And The City/The Carrie Diaries phenomenon people have been telling me for ages to watch. I don't know why I hadn't listened to them earlier! I've managed to watch every episode available so far of The Carrie Diaries and the first two seasons of SATC in the past two weeks.

Since I've been obsessing over Carrie Bradshaw and her empire for the past little bit, I've decided to do a themed outfit post of what I think Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte would wear if they were living as 18 year olds looking for something to do on New Years Eve.


1. Carrie Bradshaw


For this look, I went with something I think The Carrie Diaries Carrie would go for. A girly silhouette with the dress, a strappy heel to go with it, and a statement jacket to throw over top. Can't forget the signature flashy necklace too! If only I had a 'J' necklace.. Hm..

Dress from Urban Outfitters
Jacket from Better Than Her Boutique 
Shoes from Zara
Necklace from H&M

2. Samantha Jones

For Samantha, I opted for a more cheeky look, as she is pretty much the little spitfire of the group. A v-neck crop top, peplum bodycon skirt and my wine coloured velvet JC litas screamed her name from my closet.

Crop top from Urban Outfitters
Skirt from F21
Shoes from Nasty Gal (Jeffrey Campbell)
Clutch from Bootlegger
Chain from Claire's

3. Charlotte York

When I was dressing myself as I believe Charlotte would, I went for a more modest, but girly look. With the lines of the skirt, and the pairing of the sandals, I think I aced it. Although, I couldn't get her hair down. Ah well, there's something to work on!

Crop turtleneck from American Apparel
Skirt from Kastor & Pollux
Sandals from Urban Outfitters
Bracelet bought at the Fair Trade Market 2013
Earrings from Better Than Her Boutique

4. Miranda Hobbes

And finally, we have Miranda. For her, I chose a more masculine look going with pants instead of a dress. Along with that, I went for a darker lip and a simple, yet elegant, gold choker.

Top from Zara
Trousers from Simons
Shoes from Zara
Choker from F21

I had a lot of fun putting these looks together! It's cool to see what makes each character unique in the way they each dress themselves. I should get back to watching the rest of the episodes I can find online, though. Hehehe :)

Hope you all enjoy your NYE celebrations!
Stay safe,

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