Thursday, 5 September 2013

(LIFE)STYLE: A Bunch Of Fangirling Over David's Tea's Fall Collection


So in lieu of watching a good movie, buying myself a Longchamps bag or indulging in a good piece of cheesecake (or 5..), I bought myself David's Tea as a reward for keeping myself on track so far this year in all my classes. I know it's only the second week, but this isn't only about not dropping the ball so far, it's a reminder that I need to keep it up. Usually by this time I'm already procrastinating getting all of my work done and getting into the annual winter slump that seriously drags me down so badly every. single. year. 

So yeah. This is basically going to act like a small treat to keep me motivated and goal oriented for senior year, along with a mixture of other things I accumulate over the months ahead. 

You know, like when I have 3 assignments due, I'll get them done by making a list, and each time I check one off, I can indulge in a cup of warmth and comfort that is this collection of teas. 

To talk about the teas themselves more, I've really only tasted 3 of them so far. The other two I have yet to open. 

When I went into the store with Makayla and Denys (mes amis), last week, we were approached upon entering about if we liked pistachios or not. We all love pistachios. So Andrew, the sunny David's Tea employee went back to rustle us up a sample of Pistachio Cream, which is a mulberry leaf tea. I wasn't expecting it too be all that good for some reason, but was I ever wrong! 

I don't know why I continuously doubt David's Tea, because it consistently proves me wrong. 

The second one I tried was the Pumpkin Chai black tea. Man, what a treat! It's like a liquid hug for your insides. Everything you dream of when you picture autumn is what this tea embodies perfectly. We were meant to be. I give it a 2000/10 ^_^

I then went for Mom's Apple Pie green tea. Which is a very simple tea, but yet again, SO GOOD. I'm a sucker for anything apple/cinnamon flavoured, so I really took a liking to this one. 

Along with those ones, there are two others included: Cocoberry and Sugar and Spice. I can't wait to try them!

Aside from the actual tea, I purchased some vanilla flavoured agave syrup. Best. decision. ever. If you're not a big fan of using honey to sweeten your drinks/food, and you'd like a more natural alternative to plain sugar, this would certainly serve you well! They carry other flavours like blueberry and raspberry along with just plain with no flavouring, however I thought the vanilla would compliment the teas that I purchased this time wonderfully. 

The employee who took my payment said she uses it on her pancakes too! I may have to use that idea.. Sounds scrumptious!

Anyway, I've managed to write more on a 5 tea sample collection than I've been able to on many other things. You all should totally go try some! It's SO worth it.

Be kind, 

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