Sunday, 6 October 2013

STYLE PROFILES VOL. 1&2 : Laura Lynch & Cali Auty

So, this segment of the blog will pretty much just be a corner full of interviews of people around me whom I think are incredibly interesting/good at what they do. For the first volume of this segment, I've chosen my dear friends Laura Lynch and Cali Auty. Both for very good reasons. 

Laura is the best ballerina I've ever seen. No joke. She embodies what it is to be the perfect ballerina. She puts so much time and effort into everything she does, and I really look up to her for that. NOT TO MENTION, she is a daredevil when it comes to style. Seriously killer.  

Then we have Cali. One of the most compassionate human beings I've ever come across. I admire the guts she has when it comes to the month long hiking trips she takes each summer up the rockies. Alongside her mountain-babeness, she too has wicked style.

Upon choosing these two gals to be in the very first post, I got to sit down with them for some girl chat/glamour shots. I honestly had so much fun with them, as I usually do. So let's begin with the small interview shall we?

"3 ways to describe your style:"
L: "Um.. I would say like whatever I was feeling in the morning. I just throw everything together. You know, it's just like whatever! Whatever it wants to be."
C: "Freestyle.. Sometimes nineties.. Maybe a little bit of cuteness in there too! Uh... I've sometimes gotten flower girl?"

"Any favorite fall trends?"
L: "Scarves.. I love scarves."
C: "TEA!"
L: "Cooking! Well, I just bake all throughout winter. Hahaha, if you haven't already noticed I'm always making like PANCAKES.. MUFFINS.. and I'm just going to take a bunch of pictures of my food!! Oh.. I'm so hungry!"
C: "And ugh.. fireplaces."
L: "Plaid. I love plaid. And red. OH! And I wouldn't wear orange, but orange makes me really excited... Tweed."

"Which are the stores you most frequently purchase things from?"
L: "Urban Outfitters.. Nasty Gal.."
C: "American Apparel."
L: "Yeah.. Free People.."

"And what draws you to these stores?"
L: "You can find a lot of different styles all on one website. It's not just like one style, and everything is just.."
C: "And it's not just like set to what trends are super out right now. Everything is different."

"What are your favorite pastimes?"
L: "Yoga.. and.. tea drinking. Hahaha"
C: "I'd have to say mine would be those too! And playing guitar.. singing to myself."
L: "It's true!!"

"What are some bands to look out for/your guys' favorites?"
C: "Oh geez.. that changes with my mood, I would say."
L: "Yeah.."
C: "One band that I've always loved, well I don't really know anybody that doesn't like them, but The Beatles. I looooove The Beatles."
L: "I really like The Shins.."
C: "Amen!"
L: "..and I could never not love Coldplay!"
C: "Um... Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros! Love them!"

**I ramble on about how they played Evolve a while back**

"Where did you come from, and where are you going?"
L: "Well.. I came from here. Fort Mac. I don't know, I feel like I didn't really come from here, even though I did because I family is like.. so Irish! And I'm hoping to go to Vancouver and just stay there for a little while, and then eventually end up back with my family in Ireland. I just want to live there. Just live. Then hopefully one day I'll be NYFW doing some people's makeup or something! Hahaha"
C: "I was born here in Fort Mcmurray. Um.. I would hope to someday be living, well I would like to be living somewhere in Canada. I love Canada. But either somewhere near the ocean or by the mountains. Like Laura said I'd just like to be living. Just enjoying life."
L: "Like traveling."
C: "Yeah, like traveling! My biggest goal in life is basically just to make a difference. I don't know how. Whether that's like social justice or environmental. I'd really like to go into environmental studies.

"Who are your biggest influences/inspirations?"
L: "Well, obviously I love Cara Delevingne! I'm obsessed with her! Style wise, I guess I look up to my sister a lot, because she really doesn't care what others think.. I follow random people on instagram and such."
C: "My mama! And my aunt Jen.. she's an awesome person too! I think a lot of it just comes from the music I'm listening to at that point and I guess the people around me."
L: "Yeah, it's a lot about the people around you"

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this post, because I sure did making it!

Go out and find people who inspire you!! Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised! :)
Stay cool,

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