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FAVORITES: September '13

Happy autumn, all!

This year has been pretty kick-ass so far, and the first month of school has flown right by! Here are some things that made the time ultra great:

Fashion / Beauty:
The fashion/beauty section is a little small this month. I haven't gotten much, well I have, but not anything super noteworthy. Except for these few things.

So, I'd say in the middle of the month, I received my very first Unif purchase! I'm so glad I not only 
a) waited for the perfect camo jacket/didn't give into the cheap ones at Urban that didn't fit me right and
 b) waited to splurge on Unif when it was something I knew I would wear the shit out of. 
I absolutely, positively, 100% LOVE this jacket. Everything from the cut to the print to the material is divine. I've been wearing it more than any of my other jackets, that's for sure! To my surprise, I haven't seen many people with it. So that's kind of good. But yes! L O V E. (although it really sucks that it went down to 70$ after I payed 120$ for it.. umph)

Another thing that happened around that time, is that I CHOPPED ALL OF MY HAIR OFF! Well, not all of it, but a damn good amount! I honestly have never felt so free. I still love it. Although it's much trickier to leave natural than long hair, it feels healthier, and is a lot more manageable. I feel pretty sophisticated now as well. One of the better decisions I've made in the past few weeks, for sure!

Music / TV:
After watching Corinne Bailey Rae's episode of Live From The Artists Den, I knew I wouldn't stop listening to her album 'The Sea' for a while. The entire thing is just phenomenal. It's chill, it's sexy, it's sophisticated, it's ahhhhh. It was a pleasant surprise as well considering I thought all she had to offer was Put Your Records On from childhood singalong times. I WAS SO WRONG. I still can't turn it off. In fact, I'm listening to 'The Sea' as I write this. Hot.

Along with that, another pleasant surprise was that Arcade Fire is back in action with a new album, 'Reflektor', set to release at the end of October. The album-titled single dropped a few weeks ago, and that's another one I cannot seem to turn off! I've become a major lover of modern disco. This song is the definition of it, but of course with the classic AF sound. So. Perfect. Although it's almost 8 minutes long, I stay engaged the entire time. I'd even go on to say that the end is my favorite part! Give it a listen, it's fantastic. 

Now this is where I've got a buttload of stuff to share. 

Making my weekly stop by David's Tea, I decided to drop into Coles to purchase Leandra Medine's new book. As per usual, they didn't have what I went in for. Usually, I would freak out internally, and then leave the store to get some poutine to raise my spirits, but not this time. I walked by a shelf, and on that shelf was what would be my new favorite series: The Carrie Diaries. Maybe it was fate that Man Repeller wasn't available at that location, because this couldn't have come at a better time. I'm a senior in high school, so is Carrie, we match. It's awesome. Can you say perfect timing? Still blows me away. Not to mention I still have yet to delve into the whole Sex And The City empire. I've been wanting too, but haven't really had the time to search the depths of the sea for episodes online let alone travel to the bookstore to search around for the first book in the series. I love it. 

Next on the list would be my favorite drinks. 

I think it goes without saying David's Tea is a major favorite, right? Hahaha. I won't even go there again. You all know the drill by now, I'm sure. 

A newer favorite drink I have would be Twisted Tea. It's an iced tea flavoured malt beer. Cheap. Tastes good. That's all I really have to say about it!

 At the beginning of the month, I had read a post from Lauren Rose about high school and what not, and I was super inspired to take my senior year and all of the experiences I encounter and make them into an art project in the form of a journal. I guess you could say it's turned into a collection of sorts. It's already loaded, and I can't wait until the whole thing is filled so I can make a volume 2. 

Lastly, I've included Celia of Ceedling on Youtube as well as her blog. Her, the writers of Rookie and Lauren Rose have both really opened my eyes as to what feminism really is, and kind of took my scaredy-cat feelings about following feminism and threw them in the garbage. They've taken the sometimes radical practice and made it something that's understandable and respectable for younger girls to really support/pay attention to. Their posts and talks and whatever else really make sense to me, and have given me a new perspective on women's rights/what it is to be a gal. Which is nice, because at this time it seems to be a prominent topic in many of my classes this semester. Thanks guys!! You all rock!!

I hope you all are enjoying your cozy time. Maybe try a few of these out and leave me a comment on what you think about these things/what you think I should try! I'd really like this to be a two way thang, where I show you all what I'm enjoying, and you also show me what you've been lovin' so I can try it! :)
Later days, 

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