Saturday, 1 June 2013


Around two months ago, I came across the newly popular way of healthy eating (or drinking in this case), which is making freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice! Although this may not be for everyone, I quickly took a liking to it. There's just something so invigorating about gulping down that brightly coloured, super healthy concoction, and then going out to do some physical activity, or simply going out and getting some errands done! Not to mention, the possibilities are endless as far as combinations go. You can go with something more fruity and light, which can contribute to a mega refreshing start to your day, or you can load it up with veggies to fill yourself with the proper energy before a work out.

I do understand that making smoothies is much better as far as waste goes, because when you make juice, all of the fibre comes out of the fruit and into the waste bucket, however juicing may be a good start for someone who hasn't ever been into making smoothies, and who'd like to start! It could be a great stepping stone into a healthier diet. Who knows!

So far, my favorite combinations would have to be:
1. Strawberry, lime, lemon, green apple, banana, orange and spinach
2. Kale, mango, green apple, banana, spinach and arugula
3. Carrot, cucumber, ginger, and green apple
4. Watermelon, strawberry, green apple, kale, banana and orange

I tend to lean to a much more fruit based juice, with some greens added in, but that is just my preference.

For more information on the benefits (because I barely listed any), I suggest perhaps checking out some other websites or youtube videos that really go into depth about how it all works!

Anyway, I hope this inspires someone to go out and try to incorporate this into their lifestyle! 
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