Thursday, 27 June 2013

TRAVEL: And Now I Make My Descent Into A Fabulous Summer Of Traveling North America & Such


the last exam was finally written, and I am now free from the shackles of eleventh grade and all it's bullshit. 

Now starts the shenanigans I've been ever so patiently awaiting all year.  

Since I may not have proper time (or computer access) for the next few weeks, I'll just do a breakdown of the trips and events I've got going on.. so here we go! 

FIRST OF ALL, I must mention as a bit of a side note that I had a job interview to work in the box office at my school and help to set up events and shows my school holds during the time school is not in session. Thankfully, I had some connections and it all went well! I start in August, and I can't articulate how stoked I am to be able to quit Boston Pizza. It makes me feel like I'm turning the page to the old chapter of my life that's become very one dimensional and boring. So hoorah for that. 

As far as the rest of this week goes, I've got a lot on my plate. Not a bad a lot, but a good a lot! Returning to the beach (as I did last Saturday) with a bunch of people in my grade this Saturday. Boy, is it fun getting to know them further. I kind of regret not spending as much time getting to know them last year, but can't go back now I guess! 

Then my great friend Makayla and I have plans to go camping with our friends Jared and Tamara. I don't know what it is about hanging out with those two, but we really mesh well together! They make me feel alive and youthful, which is something I haven't really felt in a while even though I'm only 17. I don't know, we're just a good group together. 

On Sunday, a grand celebration for Canada Day will be had. Simple Plan, Mother Mother and Dan Mangan will be doing a show in a field downtown, and I'm so excited for it! Not too much for Simple Plan, but Mother Mother and Dan Mangan are going to be WICKED. There'll be a large group of us attending, and hopefully it'll be relatively rain-free. It would be cool if the bands come out into the crowd again this year. Because last year, Hey Rosetta! came with Joel Plaskett (thank goodness!!!) and once Joel started playing, the band members of Hey Rosetta! came out and I got to take photos with them. It was such a dream. I suppose living in such a small town has its perks sometimes.

Monday, my nanny is flying in from Nova Scotia to accompany my immediate family and I on a road trip down the west coast, and up through the states. I have good feeling this road trip is going to be top notch. The photos I'm going to take.. oh boy! The countless hours spent sitting in the car probably won't be that awesome, but other than that, I'm stoked. I have a list of things I need to get, so fingers crossed that I cross all of those things off that list! One of those things being my prom dress for next year. I'd really like to find one while on my travels, just so I can see it in person and try it on rather than getting one online, not knowing what'll arrive in the mail. Most of this trip will be focused around California as well, which excites me more than explainable because I've always wanted to travel there. I hope we get to see my main points there though, which consist of: Salvation Mountain, the Rose Bowl flea market, shopping at Wasteland, Venice Beach, eating some Pho and some other small things I wouldn't get to see/partake in here.

After 18 days on the road, all of us will return home for a week where I will despise my life for one of two reasons (or probably both): a) I miss civilization again OR b) I ever so painfully have to return to work full time for those 7 days. But have no fear, future Jaime, we will then embark on another adventure, this time being to Nova Scotia to see everyone we miss so dearly. Within those two weeks, I hope to see all of my friends and family to have so so so much fun with them to make up for all of the missed time. I have yet another list of things I'd like to get done while away. This list includes: so many beach days, beavertails galore, getting my first tattoo, so many days spent downtown, maybe seeing if I can drop into my former dance academy, and stuff like that. Thinking about going home honestly makes me tear up so badly. It's the only thing that's ever on my mind. It's not that I regret moving, because sometimes you have to take one for the team, and in this case I took a big one for my family by sucking it up, and agreeing it would be okay for us to come. But it does hurt so bad to think of the life I would be living if I never would have moved. I don't know. It sucks. Especially missing prom and graduating with everyone I grew up with and ahhhhhh. ANYWAY, I can't wait to go home and see everyone and do everything that makes Nova Scotia cool.

After arriving home from NS, I will most likely be exhausted to shit, and still not ready to go back to school. But a couple short weeks, and I'll be walking though the doors of Trin Trin on the first day of school for the last time, and boy will it feel great.

So that's pretty much the skeleton of plans I've got up my sleeve for this summer.

In case I don't get a chance to check in, I hope you all have a super rad summer, go out and diminish all of those "what ifs", be infinite (and tacky), and make this an unforgettable one.

Rock on,

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