Friday, 19 July 2013

TRAVEL: Home From The States & Full Of Energy

And when I say full of energy, I mean it.

Other than getting lost in the back alleyways of the vegas strip, breaking our air conditioning mid-mohave desert in 45 degree weather, and having to skip a few big things on our lists, the trip was a grand success.  I'd have to say my favorite place/time during the trip was definitely in California going shopping on Melrose Ave. Yeah, that was by far my favorite day. I got to go into Wasteland which was closer to the top of my list of things to do. Oh, the shopping I did. I'd say best spree I've went on as of late. I was a portrait of excitement to just get home and organize my closet, integrating all of my new pieces into my (then) dull looking wardrobe.

For me, it's not the fact that I just blew a large sum of money on pieces of material to cover my back that brings those feelings of excitement so alive and vibrant. It's not so much about the names of the brands, and it's certainly not about having plenty of clothes just for the sake of it either. After watching Bill Cunningham New York, studying his genuine love for clothes; the different fits, the colors, the shapes, the patterns; it completely opened a new door into looking at and appreciating clothing that I had never really put much thought into before. 

Another thing I really appreciated about California was the street art. There was an abundance of murals, posters and smaller decal lookin' things, some holding an impressive amount of meaning, others just looking plain cool. 

Among other things, I discovered my true love for Bombay Bicycle Club and John Frusciante, my constant need for being in some form of motion, and my strong adoration towards cheeseburgers (the best one being at a hot springs resort in Montana). A lot of time spent driving through the winding roads in between unfathomable amounts of mountains can really show you these things.

I don't really have much else to say about this trip. Everywhere other than California and
BC at the end to visit family was pretty much a 10 second tour. Portland seemed cool. It reminded me of Halifax a lot. San Francisco as well. Montana was nice. The people were incredibly sweet, and exuded wonderful hospitality. I think next time I'd like to do this sort of trip with (a) friend(s)/ with a boyfriend or something though. Family is cool, but some things would just be more fun with friends. You know? 

Anyway, I must go and style some outfits for an upcoming haul/lookbook I should have done and put up on my channel by the end of the week. 

Here's a playlist of all of the songs I killed along the adventure. CLICK HERE FOR IT!!!

I hope everyone is having an ultra cool summer so far! 
Stay k00l, 

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