Saturday, 20 July 2013


June came and left and July has flown by. 

^^Here are the things I've been loving the absolute most this month! I will post all of the links at the^^ ^^bottom of the post for all of the things I can find!! Enjoy.^^

Fashion / Beauty:
For the fashion portion of my July favorites, I've chosen the clothing items I've been wearing a lot. (Obviously, hehe) 

I had ordered the hero bathing from Romwe right when it was released. I absolutely love the fit. With bathing suits for me, I HATE when the bottoms show the bottom of my bottom. So many bottoms! But seriously, this fits like a glove in all of the right places! And the boob pads in the top are sewn right in, so that's another plus!

I have also chosen platform Vans. I got these at an Off The Wall outlet somewhere in Washington along my travels, and boy are they comfortable! I was in between choosing to purchase either those or a pair of leopard ones, but originally the leopard ones I had been looking for had all black detailing, and they only had the white ones left. So that was a major bummer. But alas, I found the black ones (above) and the love affair had begun. 

While on my trip, I had also lost my Wildfox virginity. I bought two Wildfox pieces in Wasteland. The ones I chose were the "New Mexico" dress in black, and the "Shooting Star Lennon" sweater in black as well. Both of these were used, and I believe it had costed me a total of $91 for everything including tax. Not bad, not bad at all!

Along with those two steals, I included the two photos of myself wearing more clothes I had purchased on my trip (including the Wildfox sweater). I finally got disco pants! FINALLY, and I absolutely love them. 
-The two outfits above would have to be my favorites I had put together while fooling around yesterday. -

I have one small beauty favorite. That is the Sally Hansen nail polish in the color "Mellow Yellow". Unfortunately I had gotten a set of gel nails I'd say about 3 months back, and the lady must have done them really good, because these things will not budge! I would just rip them off, but I really don't want to damage my nails. I tried soaking them in remover too, and that didn't work. So in the meantime I've just been trimming them and covering them with this polish until they're fully grown off. What a nightmare!

Music / TV:
For my music favorites of this month, I have chosen Bombay Bicycle Club, Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks. All three of them I had been playing non-stop the entire trip, and that's because they're all so upbeat and funky I feel. I'll link some tracks for you to listen to at the bottom! I don't really have much else to say about them other than the fact that I love all three for each of their unique sounds and infectiously catchy beats/melodies. 

As for the other random things I couldn't fit into any other category, here we go.

I don't think I ate anything else on my trip other than cheeseburgers, and the occasional fettucini alfredo. I'd have to say though, that the best cheeseburger I had was in Montana. (As mentioned in my previous post!) I don't know what it is about cheeseburgers that reels me in, but no matter what restaurant or fast food place we dropped in to, I just couldn't resist!

Passion tea, I think, should just be included in every month's favorites. I never don't love it. And I don't usually enjoy tea too much. Maybe an earl grey or blueberry pomegranate white here and there, but other than that, it's not my favorite drink. Passion tea is definitely on my list of raisons d'etre. 

The glittery "congratufuckulations" banner is something I seen, and really liked, in Urban Outfitters, but refrained from buying. I think I'll just go ahead and order it now, because I think it's so cute and would add a nice touch to my room. As odd as that may sound. 

Last, but certainly not least, I included my little Kodak S100 film camera. I enjoy taking film photos for the element of surprise they come equipped with. Plus, I just think the photos they take are neat looking. I recently bought this at a yard sale down the road from my house that was raising money for cancer research for a mere $2. I don't know how this one takes photos, so I'm a little scared (but excited, nonetheless) to see how, and if, they turned out!

That'll be all for this months favorites. I hope at least someone will try any one of these things out! 
Enjoy yourselves, 


Fashion / Beauty: 

Bombay Bicycle Club

Iggy Azalea

Azealia Banks


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